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Roller Garage Doors

Choose from our range of manual, security, insulated, automatic, and perforated options. Explore the advantages of roller garage doors, including enhanced security, noise insulation, energy efficiency, and durability.

Electric roller shutter garage doors in anthracite grey with remote key fob.

Why Roller Garage Doors?

This innovative design offers space-efficient functionality as its horizontal slats elegantly coil up, demanding minimal overhead clearance. Its low maintenance nature stems from its dependable and user-friendly features, reducing the need for frequent upkeep. Furthermore, its aesthetic appeal contributes to an enhanced appearance of your property, blending practicality with visual charm. 

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Enhanced Security

Thicker doors mean increased security against potential break-ins on top of the insulation properties.

Noise Insulation

Minimises external noises for a tranquil garage ambiance.

Energy Efficiency

Reduces energy costs by maintaining temperature using thermal properties.


Stronger materials resist weather-related damages and wear.

Types Of Roller Doors We Offer

Anthracite grey roller doors on a rendered garage.

Manual Roller Doors

Traditional and cost-effective, these doors are hand-operated, available in materials like steel, aluminium, and wood.

External shutters on bifold patio doors.

Security Roller Doors

Offering the highest level of protection with reinforced locking and alarm features.

Agate grey roller garage doors on a new build site in Suffolk.

Insulated Roller Doors

Made for temperature regulation, these doors help maintain garage comfort, keeping it warm in winters and cool in summers. These are by far our most popular door in Norwich.

Electric roller shutter garage doors in anthracite grey with remote key fob.

Automatic Roller Doors

Prioritising convenience, these motorised doors can be opened via remote or switch. A manual override ensures access during power failures.

Perforated roller door, suitable for commercial properties.

Perforated Roller Doors

Ideal for ventilation and natural light without compromising on security.

By far the strongest door on the market today. These doors boast a generous 42mm polyurethane insulation, providing uncompromised security and economic solutions.

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