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Our roller doors come fully boxed, so you can fit them below the lintel in the opening. A front panel covers any gaps. But if you would like to fit up and behind the lintel of your garage to maximise your opening then the top box is 205mm square for the 55 model and 300mm square for the 77 model.

We have an extensive range of garage doors available, spanning from entry level, single width up and over garage doors, all the way up to bespoke sectional garage doors. See our range below.

Roller garage doors

Sectional garage doors

Side hinged garage doors

Up and over garage doors

If you’d like to learn more about our range of door, get in touch with the team with your enquiry and we’ll be sure to sort you out with the perfect door for your home.

If your garage doesn’t have another entrance, we recommend installing an external manual override. This feature lets you manually open the garage door during a power failure, allowing you to access your garage. Our external manual override systems run from the motor of the door and down the wall, situated at waist height for easy access. A lock secures the wall plate from the outside for safety. When you ever need access, simply remove the lock and insert the supplied handle to manually wind the door down.

If you’re unable to use a manual facility, we can supply a battery back-up which is trickle charged during ordinary operations, and can be activated when the power fails. This feature would allow the door to operate like normal (using your key fobs), to allow access to reset the power from inside the garage.

Our roller doors come fully boxed, so you can fit them below the lintel in the opening if you have little headroom inside the garage. A front, finished panel covers any gaps.

But if you would like to fit up and behind the lintel of your garage to maximise your opening, then the top box of a Compact roller door is 205mm² for the 55mm slatted model and 300mm² for the 77mm slatted model known as the Deluxe roller door.

For the Compact 55mm doors you will need 65mm on each side of the door to completely fit the runners behind any reveals. Meanwhile, the Deluxe 77mm doors require 95mm on each side for the guide runners. 

Should no room be available on the inside face of the brick, we can fit the door within the reveal instead but this does reduce the clear drive through width of the door.

Yes, our Compact 55 and Deluxe 77 range of roller garage doors provide good insulation with their double skinned aluminium and foam filled insert. Our Compact range have a foam-filled insert of 6-8mm thick, while our larger Deluxe range, the insert is 16-18mm thick.FAQs Compact and Deluxe Insulated Roller Door Profile

Our sectional door and side hinged garage doors start at 40mm thick and can be upgraded to 67mm to ensure maximum insulation is obtained. These are so densely insulated that they can generate a U-value of just 1.3 W/m²K. Very thermally efficient.

All our electric garage doors have full automatic capabilities and as a result must come with a safety system so as to adhere to regulations. Feel free to check out the regulations here.

We use a few different safety systems depending on budget, preference and availability. Such brands include Somfy, ANSA Door Systems, CarTeck, Garamatic and Hörmann. Our favourite system is by ANSA Door Systems – we find it the most well-suited system for all types of roller doors.

Our doors offer high levels of security against thieves. They lack an external handle that perpetrators could force, and all of our roller garage doors come with security locking straps to press the curtain down firmly. As a result, forcing the door open becomes very difficult.

Our sectional garage doors come with high-torque motors which are constantly pushing the door in the downward position, making it extremely difficult to open without permission.

You should get in touch to talk about our NEW personnel doors with 19-point locking!

Our standard procedure is to rip out all existing frames and replace with our aluminium or steel frames. Neither of these options need treating to keep rot at bay.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a weatherproof door as the components need to be able to open and close, preventing a complete seal. However, we have taken every step we can to provide as much weather resistance as possible. This includes a double brush feature in the guide runners, a fully enclosed top box and an upgraded rubber seal in the last slat of the curtain that compresses when closing to reduce water ingress.

We provide a complete start-to-finish service, conducting a home survey to obtain all the necessary dimensions to create your bespoke roller door. Our doors come with some optional packages that aid home automation to make your life more convenient. We listen to your goals and find the right door that ticks all the boxes.

If you’d like to order a door and fit it yourself, please feel free to get in touch with the team and we’ll issue you with a measurement guide.

Please see below for all our standard colours.

RAL Colour Range


Please review our terms and conditions for our practices and stipulations.

Terms & Conditions


For single garage doors, typical prices start from £800 for a standard single up and over door in white. Prices can range all the way up to £2,400 for a heavily insulated sectional garage door.

Prices can vary significantly for double garage doors as the dimensions can span from 3.6m up to 5.5m. For instance, a typical residential double electric roller door with two remote key fobs would start from £2,200.

Side hinged garage doors range from £1,200-£3,100. You can personalise doors with windows, house numbers and any colour.

Pedestrian/side entrance doors range from £550-£1,250 for the door and installation from an existing side door. All doors are bespoke so we can create the perfect size door for your garage. This works well if you want to obtain a particular width for getting large items out of the door. 
If you need us to do the building work to create the opening in the wall and install a lintel, this fee is approximately £400 subject to survey.

Their security, safety and strength are just some of the many benefits that justify this popularity. 

They are known as ‘sectional’ doors due to their construction, being made of separate sections which open vertically and travel into tracks overhead. Sectional garage doors are made of separate panel sections which are locked together by specialist hinged joints. This allows the door to operate vertically with no part of the door swinging outward, this allows the door to open even when a car is pulled right up to it like roller doors – ideal for shorter driveways.

Whether you’re seeking to modernise the look of your home, improve energy efficiency, or upgrade security, our sectional garage doors provide the perfect solution.

Our garage doors are made in Britain and hold a 5 year parts & labour warranty. 

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